Where Women Create August/September 2018

I’m so excited to share my story in the August/September issue of Where Women Create magazine.  This is the third issue since the new launch of the Where Women Create enterprise by the creator and Editor-in-Chief, Jo Packham.  The new magazine is gorgeous with a crisp and modern layout that you’ll love.  I’m honored to be included with all the extraordinary women sharing their creative spaces within the pages.

Photos by Matthew Mead

Once again I get to team up with my favorite photographer and lifestyle expert Matthew Mead.  It is always just the best hang when doing a photo shoot with Matthew.  Our day is action packed with deep conversations, plenty of laughs and an appreciation of each other’s creative style.  I always come away filled to the brim with new ideas and gratitude for our friendship over these past years.

adventures with Matthew

There are also plenty of adventures to be had with Matthew too … here we decided to take our shoot on the road or perhaps I should say off the road!  That car sunk so fast into the sand that we wished we had packed a picnic lunch to make the most of our shipwreck off Ocean Boulevard. Thankfully a kindly surfer pulled/hoisted us out of the (quick)sand and we were able to finish our shoot and laugh about our daring day at the beach.


This issue of Where Women Create is on the newsstands until the end of September throughout the country.  I hope you are able to pick up a copy.  Let me know what you think.

For more on Matthew Mead visit him here or here.

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