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The word on the street is that I’m turning 50 this year – August 29th to be exact. I’m very excited and optimistically looking forward to this new landscape that lays ahead of me.  It’s a privilege to grow older and hopefully wiser and this year I want to mark it in a creative way.  I dreamed up the 50:fifty project.  50 works of art created by me before I turn 50 on August 29th.  It is really a gift from me to me – permission to do what I love each day – with a deadline so I don’t put it on the back burner while I tend to other things.  It would be great if you came along for the ride – the support is a gift in itself.  I will post each piece on this blog and on my facebook page; numbers one through fifty.  The artwork will be varied from paintings to collage to large and small works. I would welcome your input and who knows?  If the stars line up – perhaps a little gallery show of the 50:fifty project to celebrate this new 50-something landscape.

feeling inspired
feeling inspired

I’m feeling inspired – stay tuned, I’ve got some work to do.

xo Ellen

8 thoughts on “the 50:fifty project

    • Ellen McHale says:

      Me too Grace! I know where I’m starting but am not sure how it will evolve. That is the part I’m really looking foward to.

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