floral scribbles

It has been quite awhile since my last post.  Family time, holidays, vacation, flu and packing my boy for his study abroad experience in Sydney have all derailed my studio time.  Except for the flu – everything else was a happy and most welcome derailment. Last week I finally got back into my studio to explore and paint again.  I started with the above “floral scribbles” to get me back into making marks and playing with paint and color.  I really needed the color therapy to get me out of my post holiday funk.

finishing touches

Once I felt a little more limber I tackled a painting that I had been working on only in my head.  I started it when we were in Costa Rica in January.  We had an amazing trip that wound us through beaches and rain forests.  The colors, the food, the people, the land, the flora and fauna were sights to behold especially when we left behind the polar vortex attacking New England. I wanted to try to capture the birds and abundant plant life in the rain forest so it could stay with me just a little bit longer.


“pura vida” by Ellen Kelley McHale

I called this “Pura Vida” which loosely translates to “pure life” or “simple life” and it is a phrase and a feeling that is repeated over and again in Costa Rica.  It feels great to get this down on paper and move it from my headspace to my studio space. This is 24 x 30 and will become fine art prints that will go in the shop soon.  This is the first new piece for 2018 with many more to come.

See you soon and happy 2018





8 thoughts on “scenes from my studio

  1. Matthew Mead says:

    Derailed… sounds mostly wonderful and exciting… I think blogs should be about joyful “check ins’ and “updates” so you can go on with that fabulous creative life totally unfettered!!! Don’t worry… we will all be here to listen when you check in.

    • Ellen McHale says:

      I’m always so happy when you stop by Matthew. My derailment was mostly fun and probably the fuel I needed to get back to a creative place. Come visit my new and improved studio space and see what I’m cooking up. I would love to have an inspired catch up and soon my friend.

  2. Chris Samolyk says:

    El, You amaze me with what you create. I love Pura Vida! I wish I had a huge room to hang all the art that I enjoy… many of the pieces would be yours. Keep going! Chris xo

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