illustration of Finland by Ellen Kelley McHale

I thought it might be fun to scan in some of the pages of my sketchbook for a little behind the scenes peek.  My sketchbook is filled with finished and unfinished illustrations of places I’ve been, things I’m doing or people from my imagination.  Sometimes I will throw in a quote that I like or love and really want to remember and other times I just tape in pages torn from a magazine for future inspiration. Here are some of my favorite pages …

the “French” life
bird lady
Owl lady
vase of spring blooms
pen, ink and pastepaper flowers
watercolor, gesso and pencil flower bunch
geisha girl

adieu winter
if bunnies did yoga
doodle tree

Sometimes these pages lead me to creating a piece of art and other times these pages become my finished piece of art.  Most often these pages are a reflection of what I’m thinking on a given day or what I’ve been looking at.  Sometimes I just lose track of time and really get into the fun of drawing and just sitting with my own imagination – that is when I am truly having a good day.

more later …




2 thoughts on “peek into my sketchbook …

    • Ellen McHale says:

      I don’t know about you but I can use any thing that makes me feel like Spring Ann. Wishing that the rumors of snow on Tuesday are just fantasy – I’m ready for the flowers in my sketchbook to appear.

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