peek at refreshed studio

It has been quite some time since my last post. Quite frankly, it’s been quite some time since I last got to work in my studio.  I took the summer off so I could renovate my home studio and adjacent laundry room and decamped to the beach over the summer for family time. It was simply great to hang out with our family and friends and just be an observer.   Coming home to a revamped space was both exciting and overwhelming.  My new space turned out perfect for me – so perfect that I didn’t want to add anything back into my space that would ruin the vibe of newness.  So I did nothing … for awhile.  Little by little I brought back the pieces that mattered and let go of the things that didn’t.  It was liberating to declutter and remove the last vestiges of studio past so I could begin again.

“fanciful” new work

My first painting in my new and improved studio is an ode to Summer’s end.  Happy pink and yellow blooms of late summer assembled in a glass jar to capture the fleeting joy of the season.  It feels good to begin again and it feels good to be working in a space that appears to be more like me.

“fanciful” new work by Ellen Kelley McHale

Although this new piece should be called “Back to Work” … I’ve titled it “Fanciful” because just like the word, these flowers exist only in my imagination and are my attempt at grabbing a fistful of summer as it disappears.

Fanciful: Acrylics on board, 11×14 framed (for more info contact me directly or check back to see it in the shop)

More to come,




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