life rafts by Ellen Kelley McHale

An old friend of mine is going through some tough times and prayers were asked to be said.  I will always stop whatever I’m doing to send out my prayer and some times if I’m in the middle of a painting things just get channeled into it whether I mean to or not – an internal conversation between me and He. This is “life rafts” and it is an abstract on canvas full of life and movement and hope.

life rafts” abstract on canvas, acrylics, oil stick, wax pastels, pencil 24 x 30 x 1

more to come,


6 thoughts on “new work and life rafts …

  1. Chrissy K says:

    This is moving…and very universal. We can all identify with needing (or being offered) a life raft at some time in life. I love the muted, soft light of the sea and background world contrasted with the hectic and pronounced lines and colors of the boats. Might be my favorite piece to date. Really lovely, Ellie.

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