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One of my dearest friends just celebrated a milestone birthday and she requested “no gifts” at her birthday party which I totally respect (up to a point).  In order to circumvent the no gifts policy, I created party favors for each of the party-goers to take home. (Fun fact – all of the party-goers created a “favor” and added their creations to the take home swag bag / no gifts allowed event). My party favor consisted of beautiful matchbooks with original miniature party girl portraits painted on the box, a lovely candle, a small box of sweets, a party blower, and a little pin that described each of the recipients.


creating miniature portraits

I ordered these great matchbook boxes from Schoolhouse Electric.  They were the perfect size for me to work with and begin painting my portraits.  You can see my girls starting to come to life.  I had blast creating these.


party girl line up


Here you can see my party girl matchbook portraits drying and getting ready to be packaged.  Each of them wears a crown made out of vintage paper – I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out.  I would probably frame mine rather than use the matches.  Perhaps put it in a little shadowbox frame with a note that says “in case of emergency break glass”.  Ha!


packaged party favors by Nelley Kelley Designs


Sometimes I think I have more fun packaging and wrapping gifts than I should. I love the art of a good presentation.  Here are my favors ready for transport.


on to the next thing …

And here is my mess … ready for the next thing.


More to come,






6 thoughts on “matchbook art as party favors: featuring “party girls”

  1. Anne-Marie Eleniak says:

    Elle this are absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful gift. I am sure everyone will cherish them.

    • Ellen McHale says:

      Hi Adrienne – I paint in acrylics and mainly use Golden and Grumbacher brands. I also use oil sticks, pastels and pencil for mark making. Thanks for checking me out!

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