Inspiration can come from anywhere or anyone: a song, a walk along the shore, a photo, a flower, a flash of color, a quick glance in a magazine or a conversation with some of your favorite people. Recently, we pulled into our driveway after our summer vacation just as our friends were doing the same. After a flurry of hugs and summer story telling, we began to plan our end of the summer rendezvous but not before the youngest of the group picked up a beautiful feather and gave it to me. “for inspiration” – she said.

I went into my studio and taped it to an old scrap of paper so I wouldn’t lose it. “for later” – I thought.

"birds: of a feather" by Ellen Kelley McHale
“birds: of a feather” by Ellen Kelley McHale

Last week I picked up the feather mounted on the scrap paper and decided to paint a piece inspired by my young friend, Co Co’s gift. Somehow these birds emerged from the paint; one on top of the other. I’m calling this painting: “Birds: of a feather” because that is exactly how they came into being – from that feather of inspiration.

“Birds: of a feather” – mixed media; acrylic, oil stick and pencil on canvas 16×20



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