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This is my first post of the New Year and it is already March!  You would think with all this cold weather that I would be able to post more often because I’ve been somewhat of a captive blogger.  Our home is surrounded by glaciers that might remain well into Spring but we have still been busy bees this winter.  We’ve been dreaming up a master suite renovation for about 10 years now but there always seems to be more pressing things to renovate, replace or fix that our room has been on the back burner until this year that is.  On January 2nd we started our renovation with North River Builders.  We have worked with them in the past and just love the collaborative spirit of the company.  Nile Ziemba designed a gorgeous, serene space for us that has made us so happy – we can’t even remember what our space looked like before. Come and take a little peek at our new master suite …

now it’s a room with a view

The space was competely refigured and we were able to take advantage of two beautiful windows that the North River Builders team installed a few years back.  Two rooms became one giving us the opportunity to improve the layout and flow of our bedroom and bathroom and to install a proper closet area.

antique washstand

The best part was that all of our furnishings returned to the room looking fresh and perfect for the new room. Many of our pieces are part of our family history of where we started and where we have been.  I just love seeing them surrounded in a happy space.  This wash stand comes from one of my favortie haunts in New Jersey, The Garden Cottage.  It was one of my first “finds” when we lived there so many years ago.

West Elm vase

But there is always room for a tiny bit of new … like this fabulous vase from West Elm.  I couldn’t resist the mermaid like scales that covered this piece.

our comfy bed

Even though the renovation only took 8 weeks, I still missed our comfy bed.  It was such a pleasure to finally be able to get our furniture back in the room and style the entire space the way I imagined it would look.  It’s great when things turnout even better than you thought.

view from the bedroom

My husband came up with the idea of the arch leading into the bathroom/closet area and I have to say that it is one of my favorite things in the room.  It frames a beautiful view both coming and going …

master bathroom

I wish my photography skills were so much better than they are so I could convey just how lovely this bathroom is.  The tumbled marble  tiles and the bathroom furniture mix well with antique pieces and modern glass.  The skylights give the illusion of higher ceilings and we were even able to carve space out for a separate loo and linen closet too.

towel hooks

It’s the little things – right?  One of my “other” favorite things is the old door that I found on a flea market excursion with my sister.  It screamed out to me that it needed to be in our new bathroom and this is where the fun collaboration happened … Our builder could understand the way I was thinking and we came up with these gorgeous hooks that I had in my collection of (my husband would say needless and I would say needful) things.  It is a beautiful feature in the bathroom and plays well with the vanity from Restoration Hardware and the vintage lighting.  Throughout the process I would pull knobs and other bits from my years of foraging to use in the reno – I even spent a few weeks painting a large scale piece of art to decorate the landing to the bedroom – all of this brought me so much joy.

succulents on the windowsill

In the loo area we kept a small window from the original bathroom and it has become a perfect perch for a row of succulents that  just add a little something green to a fabulous space.

view from the bathroom

As I mentioned – the view is  pretty both coming and  going.  We couldn’t be more pleased with this long-wished-for renovation and we couldn’t have done it without an amazing  team of talented people. Thank you Nile, Bill, Eric and Chris for making our home so beautiful and for making the process fun.

Now I need to clear a path to the studio – I’m overdue.







4 thoughts on “Home Renovations and what I’ve been up to…

    • Ellen McHale says:

      Linda I can’t wait for you to see it in person. I only wish that we didn’t have to wait until April – will try to keep it neat until you get a peek. xo

  1. ann says:

    The photos are very artistic, but they are a TEASE!! I cannot wait for the reveal!!! I am so happy for you. A much deserved renovation.

    • Ellen McHale says:

      Thanks Ann – my photos don’t do it justice. It is really lovely and well worth the wait. April coffee might just be held in the master bedroom – do you think we can fit everyone in there?

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