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Lately I’ve been challenging myself to paint bigger pieces and move out of my comfort zone.  Initially, it was my friend and photographer Matthew Mead that encouraged me to push the boundaries a bit.  I created the above pieces when I was collaborating with Matthew on a shoot for an interiors magazine a while back.  It was the first time I painted large canvases with the added stress of being photographed as I worked out in my head my plan of attack.  In the end, I was thrilled with the experience and the results of our collaboration ended up published in the pages of a national magazine. Occasionally life presents us with little and big opportunities that require us to stretch and learn more about ourselves and our capabilities.

curbside find

A prolonged, dreary and rainy day at the beach led me to the doors of my all time favorite shop in Rye, Christine’s Crossing. I wander the rooms whenever I need a shot of inspiration from an artistic perspective and from and interiors perspective as well.  Christine McGill, the owner, has a keen eye for exceptional home decor as well as art that inspires entire room makeovers.  However it was what was outside the doors – destined for the trash heap that stopped me in my tracks. Among the sculptural driftwood and rusty metal sculptures that flank the doors to the building, stood an empty massive modern frame with it’s glass still in it.  The back no longer there must have met a sad fate along with whatever fantastic piece of artistry that once inhabited the frame, in it’s place was a piece of torn paper with the word “free” scrawled on it.  Call it what you will; garbage picking, treasure in trash, curbside finds, roadside treasure … that empty free frame was calling to me and challenging me to go big or go home.  I couldn’t even fit the frame into my mini but not to be deterred – I called my husband to come over and help me get that free frame home.  He was only too happy to do it once he realized that for the first time, my visit to Christine’s Crossing wouldn’t come with a hefty price tag.

Once I claimed the frame and challenged myself to fill it with BIG artwork (42×52 YIKES), I went inside to talk to Christine who asked that I photograph whatever I create for that frame and share it with her.  She also asked for me to bring in some of my artwork for possible inclusion in her store.  A curbside find sparked an internal challenge and led to a conversation that could result in a wonderful opportunity.   I’ve ordered my paper and am planning my color palette and hope to start working on my piece next week.

More to come,


4 thoughts on “Curbside finds and a new challenge

  1. Maureen Stachowicz says:

    Good story! Good luck, El. I look forward to seeing the results of your little adventure!
    Mo xo

  2. Chrissy Kelley says:

    Ellie, I’ve often thought that your art + Christine’s Crossing’s canvas would be a magical partnership. Can’t wait to see what you create!

    • Ellen says:

      Thank you Chrissy – you know that is one of my all time favourite shops in Rye area. It would be cool to see a piece of my art hanging there. I am also excited to use that frame to push me further. I have some ideas floating around now I just need UPS to bring me my paper and extra paint that I’ve ordered for the project. You’ll be the first to see what happens. Xo

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