Longboarder Silhouette by Ellen McHale

This is an easy idea for creating original artwork for your kids’ spaces.  Cut out a simple silhouette of your child in profile or in action and then mount it onto watercolor paper or cardstock.  If you are like me, you’ve probably got a lot of frames lying around the house.  With a little imagination, you can turn that plain frame into something special.

Make a simple silhouette

First make a simple drawing of your subject.  In this case, I took a picture of my son longboarding and then sketched a general outline of him.  I then cut out the sketch and used it as my guide when cutting out his silhouette onto black cardstock.  You could also cut out the image in the photograph and use that as your template for the silhouette.  Just make sure your sketch or your photograph is sized appropriately.  Glue the silhouette onto white watercolor paper or white cardstock.

Ikea Frame

While you are waiting for your artwork to dry, you can have some fun with your frame.  I took an Ikea Ribba frame and removed the matboard.  I covered the matboard with typography wrapping paper that I had leftover from another project. Once I glued it down, I used a bone folder (or the back of a spoon) to smooth out the air bubbles  and wrinkles in the paper.  I wanted a bit of a graffiti look to it,  so I hung the matboard over my sink and dribbled acrylic ink on the piece.  Once it dried, I put the matboard under some heavy books to flatten it.

Longboarder Silhouette by Ellen McHale

Assemble your silhouette art and frame … beautiful artwork to hang in their room!  Don’t forget to sign your creation.  Silhouette art is fun and easy to make.  Think outside of the silhouette box and cut out a picture of your loved one doing an activity that they enjoy or cut out a profile of your pet or favorite piece of furniture.  It can be a sophisticated piece of artwork once you’ve framed your piece.


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    • Ellen McHale says:

      He is very happy. The kids used the silhouette figure as their logo for their skate club in school. Thanks for checking in … see you soon.

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