"fresh-faced" new artwork
“fresh-faced” new artwork

I always have considered September the start of my “new year” – more so than the January 1st definition.  End of summer meant the beginning of the new school year. You got a fresh start, a new set of clothes, new shoes and pristine notebooks to go along with freshly sharpened pencils.  My idea of heaven …

This summer’s end seemed so abrupt with dropping our son off at college two weekends before labor day weekend. What is that all about?! It didn’t feel right but somehow I’m getting used to this new normal.  We did enjoy these last weekends at the beach but now feel ready to freshen up, organize, buy a new notebook or two and sharpen our pencils. I started to paint again and get myself back to work.  My first is a party girl portrait called “fresh-faced” which kind of speaks to the start of new things.

"flapper" a party girl portrait
“flapper” a party girl portrait

The “flapper” just sort of showed up – probably because I needed a change in attitude and had to start enjoying my new roll as full-time artist and somewhat background mom. I guess you paint what you know or where you are and if these two first pieces are any indication: I’m in for a fresh start and some rebellious behaviour.


Heading to Brimfield this week with a group of friends.  More on that next week.

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