"gathered": number 43
“gathered”: number 43

I’m still on a floral kick.  Loving the process of  gathering flowers from my imaginings and plopping them into jars and vases that I’m dreaming up.  Flowers and jars that catch my eye when I’m out and about in the neighborhood  get filed away for future paintings.  My heart races when I happen upon a display in store that is created artfully.  Usually I will make a quick sketch so I won’t forget – a simple line drawing of a shape is all that I need to remember.  I tear out pages of magazines and put them in my inspiration file for future reference.  Pinterest has also caught my attention and I’ve been using that to store my online inspirations and dreams.


Once a shape or a color palette returns to me through multiple pinnings or clippings or dreams – I’m ready to try to capture it in a painting or a collage.  Lately, it’s been “all about that flower” (sung to the tune of all about that bass listen here).

gathered: number 43
gathered: number 43

This is “gathered” and it is probably a metaphor for all the ideas and inspirational “clippings” that are eventually being turned into art – my art.

gathered: still life; floral – mixed media on board 20 x 24

(this is number 43 of my ongoing 50:fifty project)

see you soon with more to share,

xo Ellen

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