Marsh: number 42
Marsh: number 42

I pass this marsh every time I drive to the beach in Rye.  Each time I think to myself that I should – I need to paint it.  There is a white egret that seems to be there every time I pass and he’s beautiful.  It seems that most of my inspiration lately comes from that stretch of Ocean Boulevard.  My favorite moment is when I get to that intersection where the road meets the ocean.  There is a stop sign there – it makes you take pause and be humbled by the beauty before you.  Then I turn and ribbon my way along the road to get to our house and on my left there is this peaceful marsh and on my right there is the majestic ocean.  I could drive that road forever but for today – I’m just capturing the marsh.

Marsh: number 42
Marsh: number 42

This is number 42 and I call it “marsh”.

“marsh”: landscape; mixed media, collage, on board 12 x 16

(number 42 of my 50:fifty project)

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4 thoughts on “42 of 50 (the 50:fifty project)

  1. Chrissy says:

    Love this piece. The heron/egret is my favorite bird. I remember taking the train from Rockport into Boston mesmerized by these creatures. They say that the egret is a good omen…a very lucky sign.

    • Ellen McHale says:

      I didn’t know that the egret was a good omen but have been attracted to it’s beauty always. We have one that flies over our house at the same time each afternoon. It is almost prehistoric at least that is what I think each time I see it pass. Thanks for stopping by to take a peek Chrissy! xo

  2. Janet Vondera says:

    Love the “marsh” picture. Beautiful!!
    Received the “beach birds” pic a few days ago. I love it so much I’m thinking of keeping it myself.
    Thank you, Janet

    • Ellen McHale says:

      Janet thank you so much. I love that “beach birds” print too that it is hanging in my own house. I truly appreciate you popping in from time to time and supporting my art. I especially love that your granddaughter was one of my collaborators in the last piece of art number 41.

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