bunch of posies: this is 40
bunch of posies: this is 40

Drumroll please … this is 40! The pressure is on to push myself on these last ten pieces but for the moment, can I just say that I love this one? I think I am just crushing on the direction my florals have taken these past few weeks.  It has a little something to do with the “painting every day” exercise – things just flow better and become more refined the more you work and flex your creative muscles. I’ve had days where I have had a million ideas and I’ve also had days where nothing would come to me.  Ugh – those are the worst because you start to doubt yourself and wonder why you’re even trying. But, when you get in a groove and cool things begin to appear on your paper – everything seems possible. I have learned that each painting passes through a series of stages before it is complete or “just right”.  It goes like this: Dreaming, First dabs of favorite paint colors, Rough outline with paint, Refining the image, Ruining the image by covering it with more paint, Walking away in disgust, Returning to the canvas to try to salvage it, (then miraculously something in the painting calls to you and tell you “there’s gold in them thar hills”), Carefully you carve away at the image with more paint, You see the light – an actual image is being born, Time to touch up or add on to it to tell your story, Walk away and come back, It seems right – so you sign your name.

These steps happen every single time – at least for me.

bunch of posies: number 40
bunch of posies: number 40

This is forty and I call it: bunch of posies.

I don’t think I’m over florals yet but I think I need to throw in a landscape to keep it interesting – perhaps at 41.  I’m hoping to really challenge myself in the final ten paintings. I want to go bigger to prove to myself that I can.  I have a big empty wall at the beach that is mocking me and daring me to try to fill it up.  Am I up to the challenge – we will have to wait and see but my wheels are turning …

bunch of posies: still life; floral, mixed media on wood panel 12 x 16

(40 of 50 in the 50:fifty project – an end is in sight)

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Hi, this may be interesting you: 40 of 50 (the 50:fifty project)! This is the link: https://www.nelleykelley.com/blog/40-of-50-the-50fifty-project/