joyful explosion: number 39
joyful explosion: number 39

There is a whole lot of flower going on in this vase and it was pure fun to do.  I had my music playing in the studio and then I just jumped into laying down marks and colors all over the canvas.  I can assure you that it didn’t look like this in the beginning.  It always starts out as a bunch of colorful marks or one could argue, a colorful mess, that can take a turn at any given time.  The hardest thing for me in the beginning is mark making on a pristine piece of paper or canvas because once you do there is no turning back.  You have to have faith that it will become something and you have to be in it for the journey – no matter how it turns out. I really like the energy of this piece – although my friend stopped by for a peek and felt that the “Dutch” painter in me was having a moment.  On second look I see what she means; I’m rocking some delft blue throughout the piece and am trying to give a modern twist to the botanical still life of old through the use of riotous colors.  Ahhh to paint like the Masters – one can only dream.

three down - how many to go?
three down – how many to go?

These three pieces are sitting in my living room waiting to be photographed.  I just love how they turned out; they’ve got me plotting and planning what comes next.  I’ve got a few more botanicals on the easel to finish as well as a landscape and then I’m down to the final ten.  Let’s see where that will take me. I’m thinking go big or go home!


joyful explosion: still life; botanical, mixed media on stretched canvas 20 x 40

(this is number 39 of 50 works of art in my 50:fifty project)

see you soon because there is more to come,





2 thoughts on “39 of 50 (the 50:fifty project)

  1. The other Chrissy says:

    These are great, El! Keep going on this theme… it gets richer and deeper with each one. 🙂

    • Ellen McHale says:

      Thank you Chris – that means a lot. I am in love with this theme – you haven’t seen the last. xo

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