dive: number 28 of 50
dive: number 28 of 50

I’m here, I’m painting, I haven’t forgotten that I’ve got more to go.  Actually, what I have is a bit of a backlog of paintings waiting for their turn in the sun.  I needed some time to photograph them.  Most of my paintings are scanned into the computer once I’ve completed them but the larger ones need to be photographed so I can show them to you – I’ve been working out the best way to do that and came upon just sitting them on my easel and giving you an easel shot once I’m done.

dive: number 28
dive: number 28

This is “dive” and she was the result of a fabulous collage class that I took over the summer.  I love the strong graphic of the diver jumping from the board into the deep.  Is it a pool, the ocean or a metaphor for something more or bigger?  The fun of this exercise was figuring out how to simplify and still have a story to tell.  I love this one – she’s going to end up hanging at the beach.

dive: waterscape; collage, mixed media on board 12 x 12

(number 28 of 50 in the ongoing 50:fifty project)

see you very soon now that I’m catching up with my photography chores,


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