"fly girl" number 27
“fly girl” number 27

Sometimes a girl just has to have fun (thank you Cindi Lauper).  I call this fly girl and not because she has wings but because she’s rocking these glasses and wearing a crown and she’s just fly.  I had taken another class over the summer with Lynn Whipple who is just such an awesome collage artist among many other things.  She just has fun and likes to create pieces that make you laugh.  I love, love, loved playing and being a little bit off my rocker.  That is what summer is for – right?  Lynne introduced me to the power of plain, old, white, flat, house paint – not for my walls but for my artwork.  Used like an eraser, it allows you to make things that you don’t want in your painting to go away.  It also helps you to highlight the cool things that pop up in your work.  If you are looking for a good time … check out Lynne’s class here. In the mean time – this is “Fly Girl” and she gets to be a member of the “party girls” series of portraits.

number 27
number 27

“fly girl”: portrait and a member of my party girl series: mixed media and collage on canvas, 6×6

(27 of 50 in my ongoing quest to finish my 50:fifty project before I’m no longer 50)

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    • Ellen McHale says:

      She is a little crazy but I had to add her in because she really reflects a lot of the crazy in my sketchbook (and in my mind) and she makes me laugh. x.

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