"a riot of color" number 26
“a riot of color” number 26


In the midst of trying to paint fifty new original works, I’ve taken some online art classes to keep me inspired.  It isn’t easy to come up with different things to paint – all the while trying to keep it interesting and challenging.  Typically, I get into painting a series of pieces that relate to each other; some days I’m feeling flowery and other days I’m lured to the sea shore.  I’ve had the opportunity to take some amazing classes with incredible artists all around the country.  One of my favorite artists that I’ve met through the magic of cyberspace is Diane Culhane.  She taught a class called Paint Your Garden and it was amazing.  Her style is loose and free – something that is not easy to come by and is so apparent when you hit that mark as your work ends up light and joyful.  This was a jar full of flowers from my garden done with the lightest hand that I could muster at the time.  I loved this class and Diane’s skills. Check out Diane here and if you are up for the challenge, check out her class here.

“a riot of color”: floral; acrylic on board 8 x 8

(26 of 50 in the ongoing quest of the 50:fifty project)

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