"you have her eyes" number 25
“you have her eyes” number 25

This is a piece of collage and mixed media on water color paper that was rendered in a loose and quick style.  I had just come back from a dinner party that was “interesting” to say the least and I wanted to capture on paper a moment of that party.  Unbeknownst to me, one of the guests was an intuitive or medium and over a glass of wine this particular guest told me that she had quite a lot of chatter coming from the other side directed toward me and would I be open to hearing it? “Yes” – I said with trepidation and before I knew it – we had another guest for dinner joining us from the great beyond.  Fascinating would be too small of a word to describe what went on over the next hour or so.  My spiritual companion had much to say and as surprising as it was to be in such a situation, everything that I learned and heard was not surprising but incredibly comforting and spot on.

"you have her eyes"
“you have her eyes”

This is number 25.

“you have her eyes”: portrait; collage and mixed media on water color paper, 16 x 20

(number 25 of 50: of the ongoing 50:fifty project)

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3 thoughts on “25 of 50 ( the 50:fifty project)

  1. Val says:

    This is so cool, Ellen. Love that you had an opportunity to connect with the other side through a medium. And the fact that it was unexpected hopefully made the experience very authentic. Wonderful that you could convey that through your art too.

    • Ellen McHale says:

      Val – this is so worthy of a conversation over coffee or wine. Totally out of the blue and the intuitive person was someone that I have never met before. It was a chance encounter.

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