#21 of 50: waiting
#21 of 50: waiting


It’s been far too long since my last post but that doesn’t mean that I’ve been idle.  We’ve been away to the beach for fun in the sun, surfing and hanging out with old friends.  I’ve also been working on a new interior design project near the beach that has taken up the past 6 weeks – still a creative outlet but different from paint on a canvas.  Speaking of paint on canvas – I have a number of paintings ready for their debut, so you might just get a few posts each of these next weeks as I try to catch up.  “Waiting” is the title of the above painting.  It was waiting to be installed into it’s new home.  Inspired by my love of the beach and the water.


"waiting" sitting in my sunroom
“waiting” sitting in my sunroom


Here it sits with its companion (View from Rye Beach) after it’s big photo session outdoors.  I’m so pleased with the dreamy quality of the painting – it was what I was going for and thrilled me when I got it just right.  It looks amazing hung in its new home.


This is Waiting: a lone boat tied to a piling.  It is number 21 of my 50:fifty project.


waiting: seascape; acrylics on stretched canvas 20 x 30

stay tuned for more~


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