starter sketch for artwork
starter sketch for artwork


This is where I begin most times – in my sketchbook with an idea, some scribbles, some words and then some markers to pull my thoughts together.  This was a quick “self portrait” of me holding on to a heart and thinking about my son growing up and eventually heading off to college.  No one ever can tell you how fast the time goes. Even when they do – you don’t believe them because you have all the time in the world.  Not all of my sketches become a piece of art but occasionally I hit on an idea that I want to try to explore and this was one of them.

"holding on to love"
“holding on to love”

This is an up close view of “me” holding on to love.  It is larger than I usually paint.  I tend to work smaller but I thought this was worth exploring “BIG” because let’s face it – the feelings are HUGE for me.  I discovered that I like playing big and could really get into the subject matter with a lot more of me attached to it.

19 of 50: "holding on to love"
19 of 50: “holding on to love”

I was working outside on this painting and had it hung on my garden fence along with another painting I was finishing. It was great to take it out of the studio to get a different view, a different perspective on it. She is back inside the studio right now looking over me as I work and work things out.  She might need to be hung pride of place somewhere … it might just get me through upcoming senior year.

outdoor gallery
outdoor gallery

I like my little outdoor gallery … perhaps I will have to show more artwork here in the garden …

“holding on to love”: portrait; acrylic on canvas 20 x 40

(19 of 50 / 50:fifty project)

more to come~


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  1. Francine Lightsey says:

    Hi how are you doing,
    Just wanted you to know, that your work is incredible and I enjoy receiving your emails and showing me what you’re doing & all your new creations they really are fabulous!!!! Please keep them coming I just love them, your very talented :)!!!!
    Have a wonderful day
    Fran Lightsey

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