About Ellen Kelley McHale

I have continually lived a creative life of drawing, dreaming and designing but always as a backdrop to my professional life in healthcare or as a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. It wasn’t until our last child was in the process of being launched and 50 was looming that I decided to put myself out there creatively and see where that journey would lead me. In 2014, I introduced the “50:fifty Project” in which my aim was to create fifty works of art over the year while blogging about my artistic journey and discovery process. Along the way, I found kindred spirits, encouragement, a deep well of creativity, new friends and new roads to travel. I always knew that age was just a number but I also came to understand that age is also a privilege and we owe it to ourselves to explore all of our possibilities. After a lifetime of creating art, I am now able to call myself an artist and designer.

My work is inspired by our summer life in Rye Beach, New Hampshire and New England winters in historic Concord, Massachusetts. Many of my abstract paintings can be found on my website nelleykelley.com along with my blog featuring musings on life, art, food and décor.

Ellen Kelley-McHale is an artist, designer and avid treasure hunter. Her work has been featured in a number of national magazines and she collaborates frequently with the notable lifestyle expert, Matthew Mead. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for The Umbrella Community Arts Center located in Concord, Massachusetts, whose mission is to enrich lives and build a vibrant community through the arts.

Ellen Kelley Mchale