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scenes from my studio

It has been quite awhile since my last post. Family time, holidays, vacation, flu and packing my boy for his study abroad experience in Sydney have all derailed my studio time. Except for the flu – everything else was a happy and most welcome derailment. Last week I finally got back into my studio to explore and paint again. I started with the above “floral scribbles” to get me back into making marks and playing with paint and color. I really needed the color therapy to get me out of my post holiday funk…

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art, inspired to create, seasonal

“ETA” – awaiting the arrival of Spring – new work from my studio

recently finished a new painting inspired by the unseasonably warm weather we were experiencing these past couple weeks. Walking around town without a jacket in February seemed weird and wonderful at the same time. There was a part of me that just couldn’t relax into the comfort of a 70 degree day. A jaded New Englander by trade, I was waiting for Mother Nature to drop a foot or more of snow on me or maybe a flying house like something out of the Wizard of Oz.

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A kid collaboration of new artwork

Over winter break I had two of my favorite kids hanging with me in my studio. We decided to collaborate on some new artwork which was really convenient because we had some time on our hands and quite a lot of energy to contend with. I set up two easels along with some canvases and heavy duty watercolor papers and then had the boys choose the color paints they liked best. We talked about what collaboration means and then we discussed how to lay down paint for a really cool background.

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art, gift ideas, inspired to create

new work – inspired abstract florals

I had a few florals in various stages of completion and this was an idea I had at the early stage of the game. I confess that this painting sat longer than usual because I had moved onto other things and decided to save this for another day. I finished this a couple of weeks ago and it has become one of my favorite florals to date. I’m happy that I waited to see where I really wanted to go with it.

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Home Sweet Home: new work

I keep vowing to make time to write about what is happening in and out of the studio…and there is a lot to share for sure. I will start here, with a somewhat recent piece called “Home Sweet Home”. It is a mixed media piece on canvas that I created after our trip to Paris in November. I had just returned home shaken from our visit and reeling from the aftermath of the attack on Paris while we were there…

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