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A painting for a vintage frame …

Sometimes inspiration comes easily and I know immediately what I want to paint and exactly how I plan to execute the painting. With the frame in view, I just went to work, taped up my paper and began to build up my background with the flowers soon to follow. I just love when I get a moment of clarity and can just plunge ahead into a project.

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Back to School and Fish Tales

My favorite souvenirs from great adventures are always my memories and in this case I was able to able to record a bunch of stories of our summer in this one particular painting. It has different meanings for each person. (Ask my son’s friend, Cam – who called my painting: “More work than I’ve done in my First 2 Years of College” – lol) If you look closely at each fish, they have their own little personalities and stories to tell – maybe the best title for this particular piece of work is: “Fish Tale”.

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