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A March Hare welcomes Spring

There some interesting happenings today – the Vernal Equinox for one, a total eclipse and a supermoon although you may not see the supermoon you will for sure feel it’s tidal pull. That’s why we are celebrating with my new artwork ” When Rabbits Surf” – who else to usher in Spring on the back of a Supermoon while riding the waves but the Mad March Hare?

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Matthew Mead and Nelley Kelley Designs Give Away Winners …

    The winners of the Matthew Mead and Nelley Kelley Designs give away are … Susan Ryan and Christine Horrigan Spitale.  Congratulations and Happy St. Patrick’s Day, indeed a lucky day.  I will be contacting you both separately to arrange delivery of your “winnings”.   Each of you will receive a copy of Matthew […] » read more

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Matthew Mead and Nelley Kelley Designs give away ~ and Sneak Peek into Matthew Mead’s Upcycled Style Magazine

The Matthew Mead / Nelley Kelley Designs give-away is the chance for us to share with you how excited we are with the new magazine. Two winners will be picked and they will receive an issue of Matthew Mead’s Upcycled Style signed by both Matthew Mead and artist Ellen Kelley McHale and one fine art print of my favorite flower artwork: “Riot of Color”.

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Red Flowers in Blue Vase: abstract floral art

My paintbrush pretty much did this all on her own. Swirls of orange, pink and red paint created the abstract flowers and magenta, teals, blue and purple pulled together to create a beautifully weathered blue vase. All my paintings begin with a myriad of colors splashed across the canvas and then I begin to rein them all in letting a few of the colors peek out in the shadows of the piece.

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